Erika’s Boudoir Experience.

Elegant boudoir photo featuring a woman in lounge lingerie striking a serene pose on the floor.

Boudoir 101 time is here and there’s one thing I want to shine a big, bright spotlight on today: Privacy and Discretion.

In the world of boudoir, where vulnerability meets empowerment, knowing that your privacy is held sacred is non-negotiable. So, let’s talk about how we ensure your utmost confidentiality during and after your session!

Photo Handling: Only the eyes that need to see your images are mine and yours. Every click, edit, and preview happens with the utmost respect for your privacy. Your photos are your treasures, and we guard them like the crown jewels! The only exceptions are the companies who print my boudoir albums and metal prints etc. (they will obviously see the images) and anyone you decide to share your images with. Lucky Ducks!

Your say, Always:

Sharing is caring, as has been noted only if you’re on board. Your boudoir images only see the light of day only if you give the green light, with a signed model release contract. Whether it’s for a portfolio piece, studio sample, or a shoutout on social media, it’s 100 percent your call. No pressure, ever. You can decide to keep your images completely private, partial model release (meaning you can pick and chose which images are shared and which images are kept private) or full model release (we can share any images from session).

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Got privacy concerns? Let’s chat! Your comfort is the top priority, and no question or worry is too small. I am happy to answer any concerns you might have.

Ready to step into the spotlight with confidence and peace of mind? Click on the link below for some more information on boudoir session booking and lets get the ball rolling today.

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